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Main Level:
The Main Level dining room features a front and a back dining room. Table and booth seating is available and tables can easily be arranged for large parties. The dining atmosphere on the Main Level is designed to accomodate Family Style Dining. With soft music in the background, adequate lighting and tasteful decorations, the Main Level was built for Dining. Also, the Main Level is much easier to gain access to for those guests not desiring stairs. Any beer, cocktail or wine that the bar makes downstairs can be ordered in the Main Level for customers to enjoy with their meal selection.

Lower Level:
The Lower Level provides a unique Bar/Restaurant atmosphere where our guests can enjoy a favorite alcoholic beverage or a meal off of the menu. The Lower Level can be more of an "active" one with slightly higher music levels, patrons playing darts and video games, etc. The music volume and play list changes with the patrons in the bar as there is a jukebox on the wall. Feel free to drop in to the Lower Level for a drink, appetizers or for a full meal right off of the menu.

Events & Special Occasions
The LuBar & Bistro is the perfect place for your next event! We can offer a private room and can accomodate larger groups. Contact us to discuss how we can best serve you for your next party or event..

Our Wide Drink Selection
Did you know we offer a very large selection of wine and beer, along with a full bar for cocktails? Drinks can also be ordered from either level of our establishment....

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